Canada Geese in Kelsey Park

What do you do?

This is a question often asked by my friends and people at parties.

When a child first comes to my setting I find out either through the child or their parents, what interests they have and their likes/dislikes.

This information helps during the settling in period.

This is taken in to consideration when I am planning activities and planning menus.

I have plenty of toys, puzzles, books & craft supplies for all age ranges and also review them for the children that I look after, to ensure their minds are still being stimulated.

I also regularly attend toddler groups and meet with other childminders, so that the younger children can learn to interact with children of a similar age. 

I also enjoy the fresh air so, even in the winter; we go to the park, the woods and walk to the local shops.

You can see the places we have visited during the holidays here.

For pre-school children I provide a daily diary for the parents, this gives a brief description of what their child has done that day, what they have eaten, how much sleep they have had and what nappies I have changed.

Every six weeks, all parents receive a newsletter which lets them know what the children have done in the setting and also a brief outline of my plans for the next six weeks.

I also provide an end of term reports for preschoolers so that parents can see how their child is growing, not just in the Early Years Foundation Stage but also in their own personalities.