Fees and terms of service

Please find detailed below, my current fee structure and conditions of service. My fees are set to reflect the quality of provision offered and take into account local market trends. As you will also see, I do not charge for my holidays or bank holidays.

Fees as of April 2014. (Next review April 2018)

Hourly Rate = £6.00 (minimum 3 hours per day booking)

This applies during my core hours.


I review my fees each year, with any changes implemented on the 1st Monday in April. I notify parents in writing 4 weeks prior to this.

Payment can be made by cash, bank transfer/standing order, childcare vouchers or cheque. I ask that payment is made in advance unless in cash to allow time for clearance. Additional fees incurred during the month, can either be paid in cash at the end of the week, or added onto the next month’s payment. Fees are due on the first Monday of the corresponding month.

Many families are eligible to claim back some of their child care costs through the working families’ tax credit scheme. The scheme is only applicable if you use a registered childcare provider, which I am. 

You can find out at this website


Some employers also offer help in the form of childcare voucher schemes. If you wish to use childcare vouchers that is no problem, but please let me know in order that I can register with the relevant company to take payment. You will need to pay me by other means until registration is complete.


Cover outside of core hours & late fees

Our core hours of work are 7.45am-6.15pm Monday to Friday.

If you require cover outside this time it may be possible so do ask! I charge an agreed overtime rate of £11.00 per hour charged in 15-minute blocks.

If you are late collecting your child, and have given me at least 15 minutes notice before your due time, I will charge the agreed overtime rate, again in 15-minute blocks.

If you are late and have not given me the required notice, I will charge my non-agreed overtime rate of £11.00 per hour, again in 15-minute blocks with a £10.00 additional charge added to the total due.

This will be added to the next month’s payment, or you can choose to pay in cash that week. Please do let me know if you are running late so that I can support your child appropriately (e.g. give them reassurance).


What do my fees cover?

The fee you pay covers a multitude of different costs, some more obvious than others. Here is a list of just a few.

  • The personal care and supervision of your child (most important!)
  • All meals, snacks and drinks (except baby formula).
  • Toys, educational and craft materials
  • Activities in and outside the home environment (not including pre-school fees or after school activities).
  • Childcare and safety equipment including first aid supplies
  • Additional  costs(heating, lighting, car, etc)  occurring due to childminding
  • Public liability insurance and additional costs for home/car insurance
  • My OFSTED registration fee.
  • Training and ongoing professional development costs


Children attending Pre-schools or after school activity

Please let me know if you plan for your child to attend a new activity or Pre-school in order that we can co-ordinate care. I am happy to provide support whenever possible, but have to do this with the needs of all children in mind. My fees do not reduce when a child is at pre-school as a place is still required during holiday and half term times. I also act as emergency contact for minor events, for example, a child wetting their clothes, Pre-school closed due to heating problems etc.

Payment of Pre-school fees, are the responsibility of parents.


What about holidays and sickness?

Childminder/Childminders family is sick – No fee

Parent or child is sick – Fee payable

To protect all children I am unable to accommodate any child who has had major stomach upsets for at least 48 hours after last bout of vomiting/Diarrhoea.

Childminder holiday - No fee

Parent/Child holiday – Fee payable

Please note I will take a maximum of 5 weeks holiday a year and always give you at least 30 days notice in writing. I would ask that you please do the same.


Bank Holidays, School Inset days, and Weekends.

Bank holidays are not payable unless you require my services.  If you require cover for any of these times please ask me as far in advance as possible. I may be able to provide childcare but I need to accommodate this in balance with my own family. Fees for inset days are at usual rates. Fees for working Bank holidays and weekends are £11.00 per hour.


Overnight care

I have chosen to not to be registered for overnight care.


Deposits and Retainers

If a place is required, a deposit equivalent to 1 week’s fee is needed to secure the place. This deposit will be credited back to you once you are using the service.


I hope this information is clear and of use to you. Please do not hesitate to speak to me if you wish to discuss any details.