I allow myself up to five weeks holiday each year which I do not charge for.

I will give you at least four weeks written notice before taking leave, I usually let parents know in the January of the corresponding year.

Contracted days are not swappable.

Costs include all meals, snacks, drinks, formula milk, baby rice/food, nappies and nappy wipes. Also days out for all the children.

  • Standard rate
    (between 7.45am & 6.15pm, Monday to Friday, minimum 3 hours)
  • £6 per hour
  • Agreed overtime
    (before 7.45am & after 6.15pm Monday to Friday)
  • £2.00 per 15 minutes
  • Non-agreed overtime/late fee
  • As above plus a surcharge of £10
  • Child at playgroup within contracted hours
  • No fee
  • Childminder/Childminders family sickness
  • No fee
  • Parent/Child sickness
  • Standard rate
  • Bank holidays
    (not worked)
  • No fee
  • Childminders holiday
  • No fee
  • Parents holiday
    (if childminder is available to work)
  • Standard rate
  • Occasional days off
  • Standard rate
  • Late payments
    (charge per day until payment is made in full including Saturdays & Sundays)
  • £25 per day
  • Returned cheques
    (payment to be made in cash)
  • £30