How much screen time do you let the children have?

Firstly they won’t be sat in front of the TV all day. Don’t get me wrong, there are some good programmes on TV, Mr Tumble being one of my favourites and Rachael used to love to dance around to Boogie Beebies. I believe there are much better ways to keep a child occupied. I’ve found this through my own children, we used to let them watch DVD’s in the car on long journeys and at the end of the journey they would be restless and argumentative.

We now have some story CD’s for them to listen to, which Jo & I enjoy, and we’ve noticed that they are much more communicative at the end of the journey,  will talk to us about the story and even start to role-play. Although this can be dangerous, Rachael had listened to “Danny the champion of the world” and asked me to show her the art of poaching!

Computers are great tools if children are properly supervised, and children need to learn how to use them for the modern world. We allow the school aged children to use the PC for homework, educational websites & games.

We allow older children on the Nintendo Wii as this console system needs you to move to complete the games challenges. It also teaches them to share, take turns and learn that you can’t always win (unless they’re playing against me!). The PC, TV & Wii might be put on for entertainment, 30 minutes before parents come to collect their children.